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Underwater Drone on MonsterQuest History Channel

Eternal Angler

Eternal Angler

Oct 28, 2019

Recognize any of the faces in this old episode from MonsterQuest on the History Channel? That's James Lindner from the old popular show In-Fisherman and musky fishing guide Lee Tachen from the new popular YouTube channel Todays Angler. Both anglers are known for raising the bar and changing the way we think about musky, by no surprise these two great mind were brought together at one point in television history.

If you're not familiar with TV show MonsterQuest, it was basically both a sceintific and science-fiction sort of show that analyzed the possibility of monsters living among us, from the Loch Ness Monster to Big Foot and more realisitic possibilities like humongous musky and man sized spiders. Bottom line, the show embelished some of the information and how big these animals got, but it was really fund to watch. Especially the two episodes on "Gigantic Killer Fish." I mean the odds of a musky killing a person are slim to none, unless someone gets bit by a musky and slowly bleed out or contract a flesh eating bacteria, but there has been some vicious musky attacks over the years and I for one, sometimes take a second thought before I take a dip into Lake St. Clair to be honest with you. Where I catch a lot of the musky near the Grosse Pointe Shores Park and GPYC pier, just a few hundred yards away are boats that anchor and hundreds of people that go swimming. One day, I suspect all it will take is a young girl to have some jewerly on her foot or hand, a musky is going to come along and strike that flashy mettalic ankle or wrist bracelet.

But the reason I'm posting about this isn't about monsters, but how James Lindner and Lee Tachen was trying to use an underwater drone and sonar to hunt down monster musky. Wouldn't this be cool if you could one day use this technology on your own boat or even when you're ice fishing? Well guess what, this episode was filmed 10 years ago in 2009, this drone cost around $120,000, now there's drones like this on the market for around $2,000 like the Geneinno T1 and Chasing M2, now is this wild or what?

I've already invested in some of this technology and decided to buy the Geneinno Titan, I definitely took a leap of faith considering I haven't seen much footage of the Titan versus the Gladius Mini, but so far so good, I've recorded some pretty good footage of bluegill, perch, and crappie with this underwater drone. Remind you the Titan also has a robotic arm on it, which I haven't bought yet, but I've talked to one of the owners of the company, and he said they plan on coming out with sonar for the Geneinno Titan soon. He said they're doing this so you can try to chase down all types of fish, kind of like what James Lindnder and Lee Tachen were trying to do on MonsterQuest, so let your imagination run wild my fellow fishermen, this technology has finally hit the consumer market at an affordable price, the technology can only get cheaper and improve from here on out.
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