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Netting Musky Properly - "Better Not Fuck it Up!"

Eternal Angler

Eternal Angler

Oct 28, 2019

Netting Musky is a lot easier than it sounds! When a 50 inch musky begins to surface, you're completely overwhelmed by the size of the fish, that heart starts beating rapidly, your adrenaline takes over, the last thing you want to do is "fuck this up" šŸ¤£ for your buddy who may lose a new master angler award, new PB, or possibly a new state record! Very similar to buck fever, netting musky is one obstacle that many amateur musky anglers do not prepare themself for... By the way who missed Slobland Flicks? šŸ„²

As I've learned through experience myself, everyone does, being prepared before hand is very important! For instance having your large net in reaching distance before hand, knowing where it's at, without even thinking about using your muscle memory... Also taping off your boat cleats, so the net doesn't get snagged on the cleats, musky nets are known to not only be large but deep too, so if you fish solo like me, when you grab your net, you're not going to be able to cup it with the other hand, because you already using that hand holding the rod, you'll need to tape off anything that could grab your net, I've even taped off certain sharp points on my Crestliner winshield.

And as the Slobland Flicks video shows, always having your resting rods tucked away or positioned opposite side of the side of the boat you're not casting on. Sometimes anglers do fan casting, so this seasoned angler might have decided to cast on the other side just to make a quick cast, but he probably should of used the trolling motor and swung the boat around so he doesn't run into his rods.



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