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Cover More Ground Musky Fishing by Dieting & Exercise

Eternal Angler

Eternal Angler

Oct 28, 2019
If you're having a tough time catching musky and not having enough stamina for casting big rubber, bucktail spinners, even the big crankbaits for eight hours straight. Maybe it's time you stop blaming the weather conditions and not having the best bass boat, but looking at a life style change instead. Look, no doubt having the best of fishing tackle and gear, a good fish finder, and a bass boat with a 200 hp Merc can help you cover more ground. But sometimes, having all the money in the world and best tackle can't make you a great fishermen.

If you haven't noticed, the top bass pro fishermen like Kevin VanDam aren't out of shape. And it's not the expensive bass boat and fish finder that makes them great fishermen. VanDam is a lean athletic guy that uses his intelligence to make him the amazing fisherman that he is, improving on those things is what takes you to the next level, I'm sorry, but it is... Sure technology and having quality fishing tackle can help, but I think there's too much reliance on these things, when simple things like improving your own health, using your head more by studying the fish, will make you a much better fisherman.

And when it comes to musky fishing, boy does having a healthier body improve your casting ability, which in return allows you to cover more ground. Common sense right? You eat healthier and exercise, this in return improves stamina, energy, and even your brain's thinking power. I'm not going to sit here and preach about Veganism, claim you're going to be the next Tom Brady, I think that diet works for some, but it's very impractical for most Americans. Brady and other athletes that rely on this diet also take very expensive supplements to make up for healthy omega fats, protein, and vitamins like B-12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Vitamin E and other minerals like Iron and Creatine that vegetables don't have. There's this new Netflix Documentary called Game Changers that everyone's clamoring about, I think it's very one sided and doesn't look at the impracticalism of the vegan diet, most Americans have a tough time eating enough vegetables and fruit as is, I don't thing majority of them are going to be able to switch their diet over to strictly vegetables.

That's where I think combining something like the Ketogenic Diet with Vegetarianism becomes practical. I think it truly is the best diet you can be on for your body, consisting of all the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy omega fats to make testosterone, keep your brain prospering, and improve your energy and overall stamina. There's these health nuts like Jillian Michaels that claim you have to eat grain to get carbs for energy, look, you get enough carbs and sugar by just eating fruit and vegetables, it's an absolute ridiculous statement.

Soon as I get off track a little and my diet starts slipping, because I'll sometimes eat foods i love like Tacos and Pizza, I start to see my energy and stamina dip down again. Soon as I get back on a strict carb free diet consisting of just seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and meat. My vibrancy and power shoot back up again, the difference in my energy levels and stamina is like night and day. So it's quite obvious to me if I can just improve my energy and stamina by changing my diet around, it's basically going to allow me to cover more ground when I'm casting big musky baits for hours on end. And I honestly think there's a huge connection of inflammation to grain, which I don't think a lot of people realize either. I think we need to remember where the thought process of eating things like Wheaties and Kellogs Corn Flakes came from, if you haven't seen the ridiculous movie Road to Wellville, give it a watch. The truth is the sugar industry, aka lobbyists, paid off scientists 50 years ago to put the blame on fat instead of sugar. Sadly, people are still getting conned to this day by watching calories and fat, instead of watching their sugar and carbs. And it's most likely both of the main reasons for the obesity epidemic.

I'm a huge fan of Joe Rogan and The Bell Brothers, you know Chris Bell who made the documentaries Bigger Stronger Faster and Prescription Thugs. Two great films that really wake you up about the overuse of drugs in America. Anyways, both Chris and his brother Mark Bell came out with a great book on the War on Carbs. I never really got around to reading the book, but I've watched many of their podcasts, especially when they went on Powerful JRE. And if you're not familiar with Rogan's stance on the Veganism and carbs, you don't have to look too far to see his thoughts on that hyped up diet.

I really don't think this is rocket science, I really don't, the things that get in the way is propaganda from the food industry, as there's been studies done showing how addictive sugar is, it's just as addictive and lights up your brain similar to cocaine. There's the TV commercials and billboard ads which we're basically surrounded by everywhere we look. And then there's even Doctors that would rather have you take a pill like Metformin, rather than simply changing your diet around, completely cutting out grain, and reintroducing the proper foods like meats and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle. Some people that finally have this new enlightenment end up reversing chronic disease such as diabetes.

I think if you just try it for a few weeks while musky fishing, you'll notice a difference in the longevity for casting, even longer distance casts. You won't have to take breaks as often, you won't be thinking be about your next lunch break out on your boat. Instead, you'll be concentrated on the most important thing which is fishing!

I think what can be hard is finding the meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds people actually like. And cooking and eating them in the right order from morning to night. Every day I wake up, I eat eggs, sometimes I'll substitute it for other meats like breakfast sausage or even cook both. Then other days I wake up I'll just eat vegetables like celery and carrots, even a simple apple. Ya know 10-20 years ago we were told how bad eggs were because of the unhealthy yolk, now come to find out scientists have shown the whole egg is quite healthy, again, this goes back to the propaganda.

I will say this, I do think dairy is pretty unnecessary, that's probably the one thing I really agree with the vegans and vegetarians. First off, majority of yogurt is overloaded with sugar and lactose, remind you lactose is also sugar. And most Americans aren't able to eat plain yogurt, so they always end up buying the flavored yogurt loaded with sugar. And don't get me started on milk, also very overrated. I think if you're looking for a healthy source of probiotics, you can always take probiotic pills or low carb foods like sauerkraut in the refrigerated section. Probiotics can also keep you healthy, improve energy, and your thinking skills. Which both Rogan and also the Bell Brothers talk about, as scientists say, 70 percent of your immune system lies within your gut.

A better healthier diet will also put you in a more positive mind set, which studies are showing the gut to brain connection even with probiotics. As I hear a lot of fishermen say, a positive mind set always catches more fish. I really think it does! Anyways, here's to your health... While I don't agree with the Bell Brother's ideology on PEDs, I think they give out some great tips on dieting and overall well being. Tight lines!
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