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Albino Pike at Bass Pro Shops Aquarium

Eternal Angler

Eternal Angler

Oct 28, 2019




Have anyone see an albino pike before, I haven't, lol... Soon as I saw this video from Arcasting's video, I went over to Auburn Hills to get some shots of this rare esox, come to find out, nothing... I need to ask Ar if this was an old video from the summer. Next time I'm at Bass Pro, I'm gonna ask the employees too where the pike went? And maybe who knows, what if this is an albino musky? They've had musky before, I've seen seen a tiger musky over at Cabelas in Dundee. I don't think esox do well in aquariums because they're obviously an apex predator of the lake and don't play nicely with others, in aquarium words, not a very community friendly fish, lol.

I have an albino squirrel on my channel, then I heard there's an albino deer over in Milford at Kent Lake, I was planning on getting all three on video. Hopefully I still got time to get that albino deer.

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