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  1. Eternal Angler

    80s Themed Tiger Musky T-Shirt

    A huge fan of the 80s, I love retro stuff, had to share this cool 80s themed tiger musky T-shirt on both my youtube channel and esox forum! The incredible talented artist is Brian Dinter, aka the Artsy Angler, you can buy his shirt here on Etsy, remind you how I talked about how Etsy has kind...
  2. Eternal Angler

    Musky Man Cave? Dude's got the right idea! Everyone is always posting their man cave in their garage filled with sports cars, why not do a musky themed man cave with musky replica mounts, lures, rods, reels etc.... Remind you Etsy, which was always known as a...
  3. Eternal Angler

    Pike Graphics Wrap on Fishing Boat

    A fellow pike angler on Facebook had posted these beautiful graphics also known as a wrap... Some bass anglers do some beautiful wraps, but for some reason, I think the Esox wraps of pike and musky look a lot more stunning! If I do repaint my boat again, probably do a musky wrap like this on...
  4. Eternal Angler

    Megabass Jerkbait One Ten Max LBO for Musky?

    Sometimes it's not always ideal to cast big rubber for big musky like the Bulldawg Pounder, sometimes you gotta go small, especially early summer. They're not always going for gigantic baits... It's a must, I think, to have a 4000 or 5000 spinning combo for smaller baits like the Strike King...
  5. Eternal Angler

    Nothern Pike on MonsterQuest

  6. Eternal Angler

    Musky on MonsterQuest

  7. Eternal Angler

    Northern Pike Courtship & Spawning

    Beautiful video footage of northern pike spawning.
  8. Eternal Angler

    Northern Pike Strike with Garmin Livescope LVS62 XR

    Debate is whether to get the LVS34 or the LVS62 XR, which the XR has a 500 foot view! My personal opinion, even though the VLS34 has more up close detail, I'd still go with the LVS62 XR for the range... A lot of bass anglers keep saying the XR is just for depth, wrong, if you can see 500 feet...
  9. Eternal Angler

    Best & Largest Musky Fishing Store in the World

    ' Has to be the best promo video I've seen for a fishing store! Topwaters go plop, plop, plop... 😜 Musky Shop has just about every type of lure and reel at their brick and mortar store in Wisconsin, if you're a musky nut, you gotta put this on your bucket as a place...
  10. Eternal Angler

    Pike Strikes Bait at Night Time

    Nothing's more beautiful and satisfying than seeing that flash of cartilage from the opening of the pike's mouth and inhale your bait, this was a beautiful shot of a pike strike live bait with a bobber! Posted on this cool Pike Fishing group on Facebook, be sure to subscribe!
  11. Eternal Angler

    Tracking Down Pike with Underwater Drone

    Pretty cool video I made using the Chasing M2, tracking down a Northern Pike with an underwater drone. Gotta pick one of these up, lot of fun to use, not just for learning how esox act underwater, locating them where they like to hang out, but also finding fishing lures and salvaging them too!
  12. Eternal Angler

    Esox Species Much Sexier than Bass

    So tell me again, why do people bass fish? Some beautiful girls fishing for Esox Lucius across the world, be sure to subscribe to them on Instagram, grow the sport! Follow elfstromcatch on Instagram! Follow kurek_fishink on Instagram Follow sandi_fishing on Instagram
  13. Eternal Angler

    Best Drone Northern Pike Fishing Videos

    These were two amazing videos capture by aerial drones, capturing northern pike strike their lure in clear water. Shots like these are super hard to come by... Remind me why do people bass fish? 🤣 Esox so much more exciting...
  14. Eternal Angler

    Pike Night Fishing at Lake St. Clair

    Was out night fishing last night at Lake St. Clair Metro Park... I fished in the afternoon during day light, nothing was biting, so I stuck it out till night fall, the wham!!! A nice size snot rocket rocked my custom chatterbait Medussa! Slammed it hard!! I was actually trying to target...
  15. Eternal Angler

    Ettore Marella Esox Flaviae

  16. Eternal Angler

    Fire Tiger

  17. Eternal Angler

    Strike King 8.0 Magnum Review for Musky Fishing

    My friend Jamie recently went up north and got a 44" musky on the Strike King 8.0 Magnum Squarebill, this is becoming a better bait for musky rather than bass.
  18. Eternal Angler

    Albino Pike at Bass Pro Shops Aquarium

    Correction, this albino pike was recorded over at Cabelas in Dundee, Arcasting recently told me.
  19. Big Musky at Lake St. Clair Metropark 16 Mile Road

    Big Musky at Lake St. Clair Metropark 16 Mile Road

    Everyone always musky fishes off the boat, but doesn't realize there's still a lot of great musky fishing to be had from the shoreline like for instance Lake St. Clair Metropark. This spot is prime time in the Fall for both Great Lakes Spotted Musky and Tiger Musky. Bucktail spinners will work...
  20. Big Musky on Chaos Posseidon at Grosse Pointe Shores Park Lake St. Clair

    Big Musky on Chaos Posseidon at Grosse Pointe Shores Park Lake St. Clair

    If you're having a hard time catching musky, whether you're fishing from the shoreline or boat, try waiting till dusk. I've caught majority of my musky in the evening versus morning, they just seem to turn on better towards night fall. They always seem to go on the feed right at dusk. I caught...